Christmas tea in London – the Savoy

London’s The Resident online publication has just put out its list of top London luxury afternoon Christmas teas, and it’s well worth having a look!

It wasn’t until I went to the Savoy one Christmas a few years ago that I realized how much the London hotels push the boat out with their Christmas teas at this time of year. It was truly a magical experience – between the all the twinkle lights and holiday decorations, the pastries all specially prepared and decorated to accentuate the season, and just coming in from outside and the chill, crisp air to be greeted by a friendly doorman and directed to the tearoom, the general festiveness in the air with everyone a little more inclined to greet one another with a “merry Christmas” or “happy holiday” – did I say it was magical?!

Though I won’t be making it to London this year for Christmas tea, I do recommend if you are there to make the most of these “top” list ideas. And in honor of this time of year and the wonderful Savoy, am sharing a bit about our Christmas tea there from that last time to show you how very special it is.

To start with, we were met with a beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby, followed closely by the most amazing display of desserts in their gift shop / patisserie.

The Christmas tree was festive enough to totally put us in the holiday mood. But when we got to the patisserie, we were like the kids looking through a department store window at the beginning of “A Christmas Story” movie, all agog at the beautiful pastries (instead of toys). I don’t know any afternoon tea aficionado who wouldn’t feel their pulse pick up even just a little bit at such a sight!

And we just went from Christmas to more Christmas – the gazebo in the middle of the tea room was all lit up with twinkle lights. And nothing says holiday more than twinkle lights. It was a simply stunning centerpiece to the room.

The food was delicious and plentiful – The sandwiches were the normal variety, the scones were tender and warm. We were practically full after the first two courses, though I recall when they brought around big trays of the pastries and asked us which ones we wanted to try, we still had to say “one of each, please!” (I mean, how many times does one have Christmas tea at the London Savoy?!).

Of course, afterward it occurred to us we could have split the desserts between us rather than trying to each eat one of each (which we couldn’t manage in the end)! I think we were blown away by the creative decorations and flavors. However, that meant that by the time the server came around with even more cake on a trolley even after the pastries, we had to turn down any more. Though it wasn’t easy to say not to the chocolate Victoria sponge on offer!

Finally, will leave you with a picture of the mural in the bathroom (ha!). And a reminder not to forget to check out all of the beautiful murals, chessboard marble floors, and all the other interesting and beautiful architectural details that are part of the Savoy hotel.

Overall, the “festive afternoon tea” at the Savoy is an experience not to be missed!

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