Gingerbread Cake

The last couple weeks of the year sure seem to fly by fast. And no matter how much I try to prepare, and get ahead of what I need to buy, borrow or make to be able to entertain or share gifts with friends or family, it always seems to come down to the wire!... Continue Reading →

Christmas tea at Bistro Menil

Christmas is the time for afternoon tea - that's my motto anyway! There's almost nothing better than a lovely afternoon tea with friends, just stepping away from our everyday lives to enjoy each other's company in a relaxed atmosphere with great tea and lovely bites of food. This year, one of my teas with friends... Continue Reading →

Stacked Up Goodness

I am of the firm belief that just about any pastry, dessert or sweet can be adapted into something suitable for an afternoon tea, in many cases by scaling it down to a single serving size, or by playing with the flavors, adding different embellishes, or just about anything your imagination can think of. More... Continue Reading →

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