Cappuccino Cakelets

Although I am a tea girl through and through, I do enjoy the occasional milky coffee. And the idea of doing a coffee-flavored cake has been on my mind for awhile now. This little delectable little confection is a take-off on Mary Berry's Cappuccino Cake in her Baking Bible book. (Which, I might add, has... Continue Reading →

Mini Mango Drizzle Cakes

I'm probably taking a few liberties calling this a drizzle cake, since the drizzle doesn't go over it while it's still warm. I was working in between family weekend events, so baked this one night and didn't get a chance to finish them until the next day. Also, one of the reasons the glaze soaked... Continue Reading →

Blackberry Lime Mini Cakes

The March/April 2023 Bake from Scratch magazine was full of good ideas this time (though it always is!) next attempted cake for afternoon tea was from one of the featured bakers, Caroline's Cakes in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and her Blackberry Lime Cake. I made the cake batter basically according to the original recipe in the... Continue Reading →

Mini Boston Custard Cakes

Also known more familiarly as Boston Cream Pie, I just like calling it a "custard cake" better. Which is exactly what it is, by the way. In Anne Byrn's American Cake book, she relates that historians classified it that way, and that it was "fashioned after a jelly-filled Washington Pie (Cake)." (And an interesting article... Continue Reading →

Rolled Carrot Cake

When I started making this cake, I knew from the instructions that it was going to take me some time and not be the easiest thing I'd ever made. If I'm honest, it took me the better part of a Saturday, and I probably dirtied half of my pots and pans (okay, slight exaggeration!). But... Continue Reading →

Plummy Puddings

I was so excited to find the Cath Kidston Teatime book - I knew I was going to have to get a copy. Then when it came, I did my usual going through Every. Single. One. of the recipes and bookmarking the pages with recipes I wanted to try first. Once again inspired by the... Continue Reading →

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