Mini Cannoli Cheesecakes

It's been awhile, my blog friends - afraid that a busy holiday season, co-hosting a family reunion, a second bout of covid, three recent family birthdays and getting back to work have just taken me away from my usual baking experiments! And even from a few relaxing afternoon teas, if I'm honest, though I plan... Continue Reading →

Double Treat Cookies

Another recipe from childhood - this is a family favorite that Mom would frequently make while we were growing up. Even later, after I'd moved away and came back only to visit, there was always a tin of these cookies in the freezer that would come out when I was there. And gotta admit, they... Continue Reading →

Chocolate and Vanilla Tiered Cake

This may not actually be a "mini" version of a cake (which to me means more like the two-bite, petit four version). But it is small - only 3 inches in diameter. I was looking for an opportunity to use a Silverwood multi-piece baking set I'd purchased previously, and doing these little three-tiered chocolate and... Continue Reading →

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