Cheesy Bread with Herb Butter

Do you ever take a look at old recipe books - like decades old? I find them incredibly fascinating - what a window into the past and what food trends were popular then! I was recently looking at some of my mother's older recipe books, and I always find that she used to clip recipes... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Hand Pies

I've been craving something like an individual hand pie - something with a lovely, flaky crust that melts in your mouth, along with a nice sugary crunch and rich syrupy fruit on the inside. I also wanted them to be small enough to have 1 - or maybe even 2! - with my afternoon cup... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Rice Cups

This recipe is an old family recipe - one that probably was in a Lutheran recipe book from the 1960s at one point! But it's long been a favorite - We kids would have eaten it at any time my Mom could be persuaded to make it; my Mom loved that it worked well for... Continue Reading →

Experimenting with scone flavors

Not only are scones one of the fluffiest, most delicious baked goods ever to be created to be eaten with a cup of tea, but the possible ingredients and flavor combinations are simply endless. And I love to play with different flavors and spices to see what I can come up with. This time I... Continue Reading →

Smoked Salmon Tartlets

Presenting another savory salmon option for afternoon tea for you, inspired by a recipe by personal chef to British royalty, Carolyn Robb. I picked up her book recently, Tea at the Palace, and did my own spin on one of her salmon recipes. (And by the way, I highly recommend the book - it has... Continue Reading →

Pound Cake two ways

Even though a traditional pound cake didn't originate in the US, it still feels like a very American kind of cake, one that can easily substitute for the "shortcake" in a strawberry shortcake, goes well with a scoop of ice cream, and lends itself well to adding other flavors to go with whatever special occasion... Continue Reading →

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