There’s something about using a teacup that is connected to a favorite movie or show, frequently made of a favorite book, that gives it extra meaning, somehow. And I like to have things around me, and use things that I not only find pretty and useful (thank you, William Morris!), but which also have meaning.

So to continue on the topic of my obsession with observing “what teacup is it today?” on film, this time I want to write about two more, both from historical movies (Pride & Prejudice and Enchanted April), but the second one also used extensively in the British comedy, As Time Goes By.

I’ll start with what I think is the best version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice ever filmed (the 1995 miniseries, with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth….who’s with me?!).

This lovely pattern is the green Cornelia pattern by Mottahedeh, and was used by the Bennett family – you’ll see it several times at meal scenes in the Bennett house. In addition to the lovely, outdoorsy garden or conservatory feel to the pattern, I particularly love the size and shape of the teacup, which provides for ample tea in one serving.

And the next teacup is also good-sized, great for breakfast when you want a decent amount of tea to start one’s day with – and that is Furnivals Quail Blue pattern.

You’ll see this pattern in the Judy Dench/Geoffrey Palmer Britcom, As Time Goes By, as Jean’s daily teaware.

The teapot and creamer with this set have a unique shape that give this one a bit more style even for a daily set.

This also seems to have been the set that was used in Enchanted April, for the picnic down the hill from San Salvatore. This took place after the gentlemen all arrive at the villa.

With all of these teacups, using them puts me a a calm frame of mind, not only because that’s what the ritual of tea does. But also because it makes me think of the stories and fictional characters that bring enjoyment in the non-work hours, and allow one to step away from the hassles and pressures of real life even for a moment.

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