I may not have gotten out much this year to have a nice afternoon tea, but at least I can reminisce about some of the nice ones that I’ve had! And this one was one of my favorites – five years ago this week I was at a lovely afternoon tea at The Berkeley hotel in London with good friends.

The Berkeley has been known for years for their fabulous Pret-a-Portea tea, where all of the pastries are designed after the latest high fashion – if a dress, shoe, or purse makes it onto the runway, it might turn up in some form of choux, sable or cake at a Berkeley afternoon tea.

I like to try out new afternoon teas in London – and there are so many good options that one could go for years without repeating. This one, however, I would repeat if I had the chance, even with plenty of other new places still on my list!

I remember the savory course being pretty extensive at the time – not only a course of sandwiches, but several additional appetizers that were unique and delicious.

I also remember the pastries being particularly good. And of course, we could marvel at how the different fashions were depicted in them – the flowers of a Dolce and Gabbana dress recreated on pink chocolate, sitting on lychee and almond mousse set on a pate sablée. Or a Valentino handbag made of Victoria sponge with cranberry compote covered in chocolate. I mean, who wouldn’t want to give those a try?!

I think I said there were plenty of pastries as well – two plates of them, one of everything for each of us. And we appreciated the more obvious resemblance of the D&G Mary Jane cookies, and Fendi winter coat – both in looks and flavor.

With plenty of pastries – two plates of them – it made for a beautiful tiered display. But I would definitely come hungry to this tea – you don’t want to miss trying any of the oh-so-delicious dishes.

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