It’s been about year now since a friend and I went to the full afternoon tea at The Connaught, but it still sticks out as one of my favorite teas in London (and I’ve had a few!).

A couple of things really stood out for me about The Connaught, one of them being the setting – beautiful and relaxing – the perfect place for good friends to sit back on the comfy couches and catch up. Not to mention the meticulously prepared food – amuse-bouche, sandwiches and pastries. A few of my favorite pastries ever taken at tea were served here.

Sandwiches and pastries: Starting with a delicious brioche amuse-bouche, we were in for a treat. I’m sure the sandwiches were good, but somehow I think they kind of went out of my mind when the pastries came along! The greyhound-shaped shortbread with chocolate fondue was amazing enough – I could have taken a box of those home with me.

But then came the rhubarb mousse – one of the smoothest, most delicious bites I’ve ever eaten anywhere. And the caramel, then the apple, rounded out with carrot cake and a chocolate hazelnut praline.

Tea and scones: The scones were traditional and tasty, fluffy and served warm, perfectly accompanied by not only jam but a lovely lemon curd and, of course, clotted cream! As to the tea – I have been places where there was more variety, but good, dark tea options were on hand, which always does for me.

Ambience and service: The tea room is one of those that brings the outside in – a long wall of windows, lovely views out to the square outside, lots of light coming in. You hear the quiet murmur of conversations around the room, but it’s very easy to carry on a conversation with one’s party.

It’s the kind of place you just want to take a sip, sink back into your seat, sigh deeply in pleasure, and carry on with the next story with your friend!

Enjoy the feeling of being in a conservatory as you sip on your tea!

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