Where do I start with Kiran’s in Houston? This lovely Indian restaurant (with terrific Indian food for lunch and dinner) serves afternoon tea on the weekends. I’ve taken tea there probably half a dozen times now, and it’s just a real treat every time.

For me what makes Kiran’s tea especially nice is the great service, and the Indian twist in some flavors and food choices. And can I just say Masala tea?! and more Masala tea – endless lovely cups of it, if that’s all you want to drink. And the one time we went and they had a pastry bar where you could pick out the pastries you wanted – LOVED that, something I hope to find they do next time I go.

Sandwiches and pastries – Not only do you get to start with sandwiches (remember, lovely Indian flavor twists!), there are Samosas to start you off – Samosas with different sauces/chutney, all of which is absolutely yummy. And there’s always good choices in the pastries, and plenty of them! With both sandwiches and pastries, they’re not always the same each time you go; and it’s nice to have the variety when one makes a habit of going.

Tea – I would have sworn the Masala tea came direct from India the first time I tried it – one sip and I thought I might be walking out onto Janpath Road in Delhi afterward, if I didn’t know better. There’s just something about drinking Masala in India – and this brought me right back there. Though a loquacious waiter one time said the owner herself, Kiran, had tested and tested to get the exact mix of tea and spice just right. As far as I know it’s a secret combination, though you can buy it if you want to take some home. Plenty of other teas are also available, though, if Masala is not your thing.

Scones – The cranberry and orange scones are the big fluffy kind that go perfectly with the lemon curd and jam, not to mention clotted cream.

Ambience and service – The restaurant has a modern Indian feel and the service is simply wonderful – the waiters seem to love to engage with the tea-goer and answer questions and relay anecdotes about the tea, the recipes, and India, too, for that matter! I have always felt welcome, and it’s nice to see Kiran walk around and greet guests as well.

So, definitely try out Kiran’s for one of the best afternoon teas you’ll get in Houston!

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