Let’s start at the very beginning

It’s a very good place to start….and where does one start with tea? With the best brew possible!

For me, that means the Tea MakerTM from Breville. I can’t say I’ve tried them all, but I’ve tried my share to heat my tea water and make my tea – stove top kettles, electric kettles, French presses and, dare I say – two minutes in a mug in a microwave. Quite honestly, the Breville blows them all away.

I first converted to electric kettles after living in Germany, then spending enough time in England to have made not a few cups of tea with an electric kettle, madly impressed with how fast the kettle boiled (it’s the little things, isn’t it?). Got back home to the US, tried it again, only to realize the US voltage would never boil water as quickly as overseas (seriously, who thinks about voltage?!). Lesson learned, yet the electric kettle still became my kettle of choice.

Then I decided to get serious, did my research, and found the Breville. I won’t be breaking any new ground by saying it seems to be known as the best thing out there in its class – I gotta say most of the reviews said the same thing. It’s not cheap, but if you drink tea most days (as I do), and brew a cup multiple times a day (as I do), and like your daily cup(s) to be as consistently good as possible (as I…well, you get it)….then this brewer is worth its weight in gold.

It’s all-in-one, for one thing – heats and brews, with a magnetized filter that works automatically to plunge into and retract out of the water. You can use their programmed settings, or customize your own – temp, time, mild-to-strong settings, you can control it all. It’s even easy to get into and clean; and I mean, what more is there to say when you know that?

I guess the last point is, as a former research analyst by day, has it proven its return on investment for me? If I even do the rough math (owned it for 2.5 years+, drank ca. xxx number of cups of tea from it since then – embarrassed to admit how many), I can say I’m officially in the single digit cents-per-cup territory, and it’s still going strong.

So, for those serious enough about their tea to want to manage all the variables that make a cup of tea worthwhile drinking, I highly recommend taking a look at it as an option for your next tea kettle. And see if it doesn’t become one of your favorite tea things as well!

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