Spring Cookie Butter Tarts

I felt justified calling these my "Spring" cookie butter tarts because of the cookie flowers decorating the top of the tart. I mean, cookie butter is brown, what can you do?! As are the tart dough (paté sablée), chocolate and caramelized hazelnuts, all other components of this tart. This time, I just didn't feel like... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Mouse Tarts

Credit for this tart recipe goes to Helen Nugent from her book Pie Style, which has some of the loveliest looking pies and tarts I've ever seen. All very beautifully styled to showcase the bakes and impress online and in person. What drew me to this particular tart (apart from it being BLUEBERRY [a total... Continue Reading →

Rustic Plum Galette

This version of a rustic fruit tart comes together so quickly and easily I may make this my go-to recipe when I'm hankering for a fruit pie or tartlet!It can be made with just about any fruit, goes well with whipped cream/ice cream/custard, and the best part is the "rustic" bit - if it ends... Continue Reading →

Berry Cherry Tartlets

Any Independence Day tea for us former Colonials has to include something red, white and blue, and for me a simple, somewhat rustic version of a berry tartlet does the trick. My version is based on a couple of different recipes. The filling is really very easy - based on "Fresh strawberry pie bites" from... Continue Reading →

German Chocolate Tartlets

Maybe it's my German heritage, but I've always had a yen for a good German chocolate cake - meaning, the kind with a nice crumbly chocolate sponge and plenty of ooey gooey caramel-pecan-coconut frosting. I had the idea that maybe those same flavors could be brought together in a smaller, more afternoon tea-friendly tartlet form.... Continue Reading →

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