Traveling with tea

It wasn't until I went home recently to visit my siblings, and I saw their reaction when I pulled out my Teavana travel tea kit, that I realized that just maybe not everyone travels with their own tea?! I mean, that's crazy talk, right? Who doesn't want to have their own favorite tea with them,... Continue Reading →

Umi Tea’s Lychee Black Tea

I recently received from Umi Tea Sets a lovely china tea cup and a sample of their Litchi Chinensis Black Tea, or lychee black tea. So I took sat down on a leisurely Saturday morning to brew the tea and enjoy it as it was meant to be drunk, in a charming china tea cup... Continue Reading →

The porcelain tea caddy

I've always been interested in all the paraphernalia that accompanies the Western tea ceremony, though my knowledge of what constituted a tea caddy for years was limited to the wooden chest that well-to-do hostesses in days gone by would bring out to serve tea at the table. Only recently did I become aware of how... Continue Reading →

Tea shop crawl: Mayfair / Picadilly

My second London tea shop crawl targeted the Mayfair/Picadilly area. When you're only in London for about a week, and you're working during the days, you have to be strategic and take advantage of any extra time you can find to fit in tea! Like I could take advantage of Thursday being a late night... Continue Reading →

Filters, filters, filters!

So you're hankering for a good cuppa, but you don't want just any tea out of a tea bag (so many of them made of "tea dust" as a friend of mine once called it). You want a really good flavored tea - you just want a cup instead of a pot. Which means facing... Continue Reading →

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