Jello Berry “shots”

What if you turned up at a luxury afternoon tea to find something like these mini jello berry "parfaits" being served up in a small shot glass to start off your tea? As a version of an amuse bouche to whet your appetite? I love the luxury teas I've had where they've started off with... Continue Reading →

Traveling with tea

It wasn't until I went home recently to visit my siblings, and I saw their reaction when I pulled out my Teavana travel tea kit, that I realized that just maybe not everyone travels with their own tea?! I mean, that's crazy talk, right? Who doesn't want to have their own favorite tea with them,... Continue Reading →

Frosted Banana Bars

Sometimes the simplest, long-standing, beloved family recipes are just the perfect bite to have at an afternoon tea, or with your favorite cuppa just about any time of day. For me, these Frosted Banana Bars are just that kind of sweet. The recipe comes from one of my aunts, one of three of my mother's... Continue Reading →

Mini Boston Custard Cakes

Also known more familiarly as Boston Cream Pie, I just like calling it a "custard cake" better. Which is exactly what it is, by the way. In Anne Byrn's American Cake book, she relates that historians classified it that way, and that it was "fashioned after a jelly-filled Washington Pie (Cake)." (And an interesting article... Continue Reading →

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