Rolled Carrot Cake

When I started making this cake, I knew from the instructions that it was going to take me some time and not be the easiest thing I'd ever made. If I'm honest, it took me the better part of a Saturday, and I probably dirtied half of my pots and pans (okay, slight exaggeration!). But... Continue Reading →

Spring Rainbow Cookies

This is a trial and error posting - one where I thought I'd share where I had issues, or where I couldn't figure out why my results didn't seem to match the recipe. Probably some of you out there have made these before and might able to tell me where I went wrong! You know... Continue Reading →

Iced Buns

If you watch Great British Bake-off at all, you've probably heard Paul Hollywood rave about how much he loves iced buns. I think at least one challenge in one of the seasons was for the contestants to put their own spin on iced buns. So it's been on my list for awhile to try making... Continue Reading →

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