Mini Cherry Bombs

I wasn't sure what to call these little bites when I was pulling them together off the top of my head, but when I ate my first one and got that tart/sweet burst of flavor and heat (thanks to the "secret ingredient" in the cherry sauce), "mini cherry bomb" just seemed to work. And the... Continue Reading →

The porcelain tea caddy

I've always been interested in all the paraphernalia that accompanies the Western tea ceremony, though my knowledge of what constituted a tea caddy for years was limited to the wooden chest that well-to-do hostesses in days gone by would bring out to serve tea at the table. Only recently did I become aware of how... Continue Reading →

Honey and Cocoa Battenberg Cake

When my husband decided late last year he wanted to start keeping bees, I'll admit I was leery. Six months later, the bees are in our back yard in a tidy little hive, buzzing in and out on the constant hunt for pollen. So far, no stings, no neighbors have even noticed, and it's fascinating... Continue Reading →

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