Fruity Teacakes

There seem to be mutiple ways to interpret what a "teacake" is, as well as a variety of yeasted tea-type "buns" that contain some combination of dried fruit. I was on a hunt recently for a basic yeasted, fruited bun (or teacake, as I understand it can be called) that could be simply toasted and... Continue Reading →

Arden Hotel, Stratford-on-Avon

Afternoon tea at the Arden Hotel in Stratford-on-Avon was the perfect setting to catch up with a favorite aunt and uncle - in a nutshell, the setting was lovely and quiet, the tea and food delicious, and the service solicitous and helpful. When I let my aunt know I'd be popping across the pond from... Continue Reading →

Tea shop crawl: Mayfair / Picadilly

My second London tea shop crawl targeted the Mayfair/Picadilly area. When you're only in London for about a week, and you're working during the days, you have to be strategic and take advantage of any extra time you can find to fit in tea! Like I could take advantage of Thursday being a late night... Continue Reading →

Tea shop crawl: Borough Market

I had a couple of free days in London recently, and had decided it would be the perfect opportunity to do a "tea shop crawl" (or two, or three!). I wanted to check out as many new tea shops that I'd been finding out about via Instagram or otherwise, and get some samples of new... Continue Reading →

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