St. Paul Hotel

When it comes to the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area, the St. Paul Hotel is one place to get a great afternoon tea. I've been several times over the past few years to celebrate the holidays or a family event, and it's always been a lovely experience. You can go for a traditional afternoon tea, or... Continue Reading →

Aunt Mary’s Victoria Sandwich

To call the Victoria sandwich the classic teatime speciality would be more than stating the obvious. Reputedly one of Queen Victoria's favorite cakes, the recipe shows up as far back as 1874 in a cookery and household management book from Mrs. Beeton (who was basically your original - British - Martha Stewart).Everyone's got their favorite... Continue Reading →

Teatime in Colonial America

I've been intrigued by what teatime must have been like in Colonial America ever since I got into genealogy research, and found that it is believed that one of my ancestors was a participant in the Boston Tea Party, that he "helped to throw the tea overboard." And he wasn't the only one in his... Continue Reading →

Classic lemon curd

So I've been on a bit of a kick lately of making and baking some of the basic afternoon tea components that are staples for any great afternoon tea, like scones, or today's speciality, lemon curd. I like to have go-to recipes that I can count on to turn out every time I need them.... Continue Reading →

Chocolate and vanilla shortbread

It felt like a biscuit/cookie kind of weekend, and what better kind to make than a really good shortbread? I mean, a really, really tasty, melt-in-your-mouth kind of I-could-almost-be-in-Scotland shortbread? And two is always better than one, so I went for vanilla and chocolate - they may be basic, but they are still two of... Continue Reading →

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