Where do I start with Kiran's in Houston? This lovely Indian restaurant (with terrific Indian food for lunch and dinner) serves afternoon tea on the weekends. I've taken tea there probably half a dozen times now, and it's just a real treat every time. For me what makes Kiran's tea especially nice is the great... Continue Reading →

Let me just preface this by saying this is me saying I find this great for tea, I never heard it from a Norwegian! It was the mid-1980s...the US choir tour...big tour buses...rambunctious college kids...going town to town...performing in the local churches....this is where I had my first introduction to this lovely Norwegian confection... Continue Reading →

Nursing the pot, pt. 2

Last post on this topic was about the warmers, this time I want to focus on the materials of the teapots themselves. Have wondered for years what's the best kind to use for that afternoon pot that one wants to sip on for a long while as one curls up with a good book, historical... Continue Reading →

Filters, filters, filters!

So you're hankering for a good cuppa, but you don't want just any tea out of a tea bag (so many of them made of "tea dust" as a friend of mine once called it). You want a really good flavored tea - you just want a cup instead of a pot. Which means facing... Continue Reading →

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